A big list of the small games or mechanics I have worked on since September 2020. 

Enemy prototypes and damage feedback - Dec 2020

Prototype enemies and some damage feedback with UI, screen-shake, zoom and hit-flash. 

Modular Ability system - Dec 2020

Prototype ability system, designed to be modular and procedural to create unique runs of the same levels/game. 

Artwork created in photoshop

Top-down prototype, Ra move-set - Nov 2020

Prototype combat mechanics for a character based off of the Egyptian God Ra. 


Basic attack - Fire Ball

Press and hold L-Mouse to aim and release to fire.

Short to no cooldown, small area of effect, high damage.

Special - Rain Fire

Press R-Mouse to begin hovering and rain fire for 5 seconds.

Long cooldown, large but random area of effect, high damage and low control over character movement for duration.

Top-down prototype, Thor move-set - Nov 2020

Prototype combat mechanics for a character based off of the Norse God Thor. 


Basic attack - Hammer throw

Hold L-Mouse to charge and release to throw the powerful Hammer. Catch it on its return to throw again. Ricochet it off walls and into enemies for some excellent flowing combat.

No cooldown, high precision, high damage.

Special - Ring of Thunder

Hold R-Mouse to charge and release to fire a ring of Hammers out around the character.

Medium cooldown, large yet precise area of effect, medium damage.

Top-down prototype, Hermes move-set - Nov 2020

Prototype combat mechanics for a character based off of the Greek God Hermes. 

Basic attack - Wing Dash

Hold to charge and release to dash. Grants a full power dash reset on a successful hit with an enemy, allowing the player to skillfully chain powerful Dash attacks together.

Medium cooldown, high precision, high damage

Sunny Sunny - Nov 2020

A small game made for the MiracleTea Miracle Jam in November 2020. Jump around and fire SunDrops into the flower to help it grow.

Engine: UE4

My contributions:

  • ​Designs for player movement and interactivity

  • Implementation (UE4 blueprints)

  • SFX

Download here

Forager - Nov 2020

Early stages for a small foraging game. Interactions, player movement and UI implemented. Alongside parallax camera work and art/animations. 

Engine: Unity

My contributions

  • Designs

  • Implementation (c#)

  • Artwork (Aseprite)

  • Animations (Aseprite)

BeatRoots - September/October 2020

A prototype for a food/music-making game. It is designed to be a creative game where the player cooks a meal using different ingredients, each holding a unique layer of a track. As they build the layers of the meal, they are also creating a song in tangent. 

Engine: UE4

My contributions:

  • Designs

  • Implementation (UE4 blueprints)

  • Models (Blender)

  • Textures (Photoshop)

(Music not created by me)​

Mantis - September 2020

A prototype mechanic for a First-person action game. A simple charge and release to strike, with a focus on polish with animation and camera shake to add impactful game feel.

Engine: UE4

My contributions

  • Designs

  • Implementation (UE4 blueprints)

  • Models (Blender)

  • Rigging and animation (Blender)

  • Shader (UE4)