I am a game designer with just over a year of professional game industry experience

I have just completed work on SAI by Studio Mutiny, which won the UKGF Tranzfuser 2019 competition (check out the announcement here) and was released in May 2020.

I focus on creating unique combat and movement systems for players and AI in games where dodges, headshots, combos and timing are core. I also do SFX and UX design, anything that helps me create the most satisfying moments of gameplay.

I thrive amongst a diverse, collaborative team, where our passion for creating great meaningful games drives us forward. 


My work.

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Game Design

Current work

(mechanics and game jams) 

SAI                    2019-20

SAI thumbnail.png

SAI Legacy      2018-19

Shark bait        2017-18

SAI Legacy UI 2018-19